05adTP - wiz oz ruby

The Advent Panda

5th Dec 2015: Fly My Pretties…Fly!

The most famous Christmas film, that is not a Christmas film!

To understand how that happened, you have to be of a certain age and remember what television was like before the internet, before catch-up and especially before satellite and cable.

Back in the days when the UK enjoyed 3 channels and although ITV could afford to show a relatively recent Bond movie, the BBC (when not showing its home grown entertainment) was forced to raid the old film archives for its festive fayre.

Every year without fail as children, we were urged to celebrate as ‘Ding Dong’ the Witch was dead! It took years for it to be moved from prime time, but I bet even this year it will be hidden in the schedules somewhere….just click your ruby slippers and all will be revealed.