21adTP - birthdayThe Advent Panda

21st Dec 2015: Birthdays at Christmas…no short straws please!

There’s a nice sense of balance to having your Birthday somewhere in the middle of year. It spreads out the celebrations and indeed your allocation of gifts!

However, there are those who came hurtling into this world in late December not realising that they were crashing the rest of the world’s party.

Its not their fault and lets not penalise them for it.

Joint presents are a complete no no!

Play nice and give them a separate present or presents for their birthday. Plan a distinct party as you would if their birthday was in August (maybe not a barbecue if you’re in the northern hemisphere)!

Only when you have celebrated them properly can we draw a line and get back to talking about what that jolly fat chap in red will be carrying when he scrambles down the chimney on Christmas Eve.