19adTP - xmas beachThe Advent Panda

19th Dec 2015: The Great Christmas Escape…..festive holidays

You either love the idea or hate it. A Festive Family Christmas gathered round the tree – frosty outside, but warm inside by the fire OR….

An escape to either sunnier climes or more extreme winter ones for ski-ing and tobogganing.

You can see the appeal. Are family christmases best viewed through the rose tinted lens of port and sherry, when in fact it’s often an assault course of cooking and chaos?

If you are going abroad for Christmas, go on your own terms, embrace the local culture and see where it leads you. If you’re just going to try and replicate your normal Christmas with a different currency – what’s the point?

There’s no right or wrong. Have fun with the people you love – here, there or anywhere!

Why not go for the best of both worlds? A family christmas in the ancestral home and a raging New Year a couple of hours away by Easy Jet?! Just saying…